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Photogrammetric Scanner software (Intel/Windows)

Automatic detection of optimal parameters for scanning

Quick prescan feature allows to build an image histogram, and then software automatically suggests optimal settings for further scanning: exposition, contrast and gamma for each color channel based on the histogram.
In automatic film mode you can build summary histogram for whole film or any part of it.
Users can set scanning parameters manually by simply clicking on the intensity histogram or on histogram of any color channel.
The program immediately reflects the changes on the image.
The program can build histograms for areas designated by user and perform image correction for these areas separately.

Sample prescan image with improper color balance and weak contrast

This is how the scanner output looks after automatic settings have been applied

Scanning software capabilities

Automatic detection of optimal scanning settings;
Manual setting of scanning parameters and transformation tables for each channel separately;
Scanning into Tiled TIFF, BMP and DIP formats where the pixel size is a multiple of minimal size: 8,12,16,24,32 …128 µm;
Density linear mode provides maximum detail and uniform distribution of pixel intensities around the image;
Scanning positives and negatives in straight and mirror modes;
The program can apply digital filters during scanning to reduce the noise of the image;
Geometric calibration and accuracy control by measuring the control grid.
Radiometric calibration and elimination of irregularity of the light source;
Generation of output images using only one or two color channels; saving color channels in separate files;
An option that allows automatic creation of zoom pyramid during scanning.
Logging every scanning process allows users to view settings for previous processes and restore them, if necessary.

Batch-processing mode

Supports multiply jobs/setups per film;
Uses automatic frame-edge search;
Calculates summary film histogram in full film prescan mode to provide uniform film images;
Uses customized film layouts for films with arbitrary numerated frames;

Post-processing software

Image analysis and histograms;
Image correction and applying various filters to groups of raster files;
Resampling images into any other pixel size;
Merging/splitting color channels from/into separate files;
Splitting files into fragments or merging fragments into a single file;
Fast processing of raster files up to 4GB.

  See Scanner specification for more information.

  Download Scanning software and manuals

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